The Chaos Key

Bushin’s roadmap to apply martial arts to the street. Start with the Core, which comprise your essential fighting skills. Next is the five Orbitals, which are fighting strategies that provide a basic structure and highly adaptable skill set to all areas of a street fight. These consist of Lightning, Atom, Smoke, Fence and Spider. These allow you to quickly learn and adapt to different types of attackers, be it pros fighters or street thugs; and in different types of situations, such as lying on your back or against many opponents. After this you can add the Rings, advanced methods to allow you to dominate a fight and cope in more complex street situations, such as Clinch, Dirty Boxing, Ground n’ Pound and Weapons.

The Core

The starting point of the journey. These are the basics. Learn how to fight by mastering the simple strikes, defence, and the movement. We drill these constantly to create a solid foundation to build on


Learn the basic strikes, blocks and movements in single form to get the body mechanics right. Shadow spar it for fluency


Take the single form, and move it into actually striking the pads to train power, reaction times, and technique


Practice these techniques with a partner so you have a target to drill your moves. Learn how to make it work

The Orbitals

The next step. Take the Core and learn to adapt using our five fighting strategies: Lightning, Atom, Smoke, Spider, and Fence


Pre-emptive striking and combination finishes. From a variety of stances, this is the most basic and most effective area of street combat. When a conflict has started, learning how to strike quickly and effectively before engaging in a full blown fight has the highest chance of success


The most basic and safest form of street defence. A simple and effective way to protect yourself when the fight is in full flow. Protect your head and body (nucleus) with rotating cover blocks (electrons) and counter with strikes. Particularly effective against multiple attackers and in a variety of street situations


Simple fighting evasion, compromising of bodywork and footwork. At a more advanced level, it includes counter striking to create a form of elusive combat which allows you to strike from unpredictable angles and even the odds against multiple attackers


An effective method of ground combat to avoid getting into the wrestle and get you back on your feet. Going to ground is never an ideal place in a street fight, particularly against multiple attackers, but it’s important to know what to do when you get there


The fence provides a barrier to nullify attacks and give you the edge in a fight. It slows your opponent down, uses less effort and open opportunities for counters and locks

The Rings

Master the Core and get used to sparring. After that, we expand on your knowledge by building further layers on top for you to play with and understand

Stand Up Fighting

Most fights start here and we us this as your foundation. Master basic footwork, strikes, and defences to learn how to combine them effectively

Ground 'n' Pound

Street fights often end up hitting the deck whether you want them to or not. Learn how to grapple and groundfight to win on the floor

Fight Anywhere

Learn to fight in numerous situations using our “One tool, many uses” mantra; whether you are on a train sitting down or stuck with your back to the wall in an alley

Fight Dirty

There are no rules in streetfighting. Whether it is an eye poke, a groin slap, or destroying a limb; having these tools makes for a powerful style where no punches are pulled


Learn how to adapt your tools to take on more than one attacker if necessary. As you develop, we add more attackers into the mix to test you

Fight With Weapons

Defence against an armed attacker is essential in modern day street violence, especially with knife crime on the rise. Grab what you can and learn how to retaliate


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