As we draw towards the end of 2018, I would like to kick-start a tradition that is prevalent in all the martial arts I have ever trained in and reflect on the past year and set some aims looking forwards to 2019.

And what a year it’s been! For the first time ever, I can reflect on my past year at the position of running my own club! A massive step for me. Those who know me well will know I’ve realistically had this plan for about 3 years, and have probably had the resolution to become an instructor at my own club for roughly…6 years. Well past due then!

It has been a very rewarding project for me as well, especially given the group of fighters that have joined the club to learn to fight. True to Bushin’s mantra of training you to become an adaptive streetfighter, I am already seeing different styles and tactics coming out from our club which forces me to up my game to bring out the best of those abilities while figuring out how to strengthen up the weaknesses too. Exactly what I wanted to do.

We had our first grading as well of course! That was fantastic to watch our group put themselves under proper pressure. Proud and nerve-wracking to watch all at once!

On a side note, my only other 2018 resolution was to be able to do full box split. Didn’t make that one. I’m adding it back to the list for 2019 though! Along with a 540 spinning hook kick. Any taekwondo peeps out there want to teach me…? I asked my instructor to show me but apparently he is too old for those shenanigans now. Spoilsport.

2019 looks set to be even bigger for Bushin Essex. We open up a second weekly class so you can improve twice as fast. This also affords me a chance to start looking into special events and themed lessons, possibly get guests in as well. All very exciting stuff!

So, what’s your 2019 going to be like? What resolutions will you set? It could be simple as simple as, I want to get better test results, or get fitter, or try something new, or past my driving test. It could even just be a mindset switch, I want to knuckle down and concentrate at what I am doing and nail it. It should always be achievable but a proper challenge. If you fail, you fail. Get up and go again. Be a fighter! As the Japanese saying goes “nana korobi ya oki”. Fall down seven times, get up eight.

Lastly, someone literally just knocked on my door and an early present to myself just arrived. I’m rejoining the Hayabusa family! Can’t wait to break these in!

Have a great Christmas! Back to fighting very soon!