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New Year, new class, new Seminar!

Some exciting announcements for Bushin Essex coming in the new year! Starting from 9th January 2019 we will be starting a second class at MyPlace on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm - 8.30pm in the Games Hall. This means you can now train twice a week with us and improve...

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Street Martial Arts – Coming Soon!

Bushin are very pleased to announce the upcoming release of Street Martial Arts! This will be an online based course where you will learn martial arts from the ground up, step up your fight game, and find out how apply it all to the street. The course includes...

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The Mental Game

With our club's first grading coming up, I just wanted to share a quick view of something I physically cannot teach you but is just as, if not more, important than learning how to fight from me. Everyone knows the importance of learning how to punch and kick, block,...

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Seminar 2 Recap – Special Offer Now LIVE

Firstly, thanks to those who could attend the 2nd seminar, especially those returning from Week 1, and having a crack at understanding multiple attackers and knife defence basics. Everyone did great, especially the new fighters. Both of these scenarios are very...

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Seminar 2 – 29th Sept

With the Multiples and Knife seminar coming very soon, I just want to share a very quick article on knife defence from my point of view. There is no secret that London, and the UK, has seemingly been suffering from an increase in knife crime. In fact, not just knife,...

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Seminar 1 Recap – Special Offer Now LIVE

Thanks to those who attended today, considering a huge portion of you have zero prior experience, you all did extremely well and picked ideas up very quickly. Below is a recap of what we did today in a little bit of detail so you can refresh your memories as well as...

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Practice Makes Perfect

As I look over my notes on the Seminar 1 that is taking place this Saturday, I was suddenly struck by an interesting question: When do you know you have practiced enough? Obviously this is a very subjective question and different people will have different answers....

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Pictures Say 1000 Words, What About Videos…?

They say a picture says a 1000 words. Not good enough for me. Why show you a static image with no context, when you can see moving demonstrations?! We have an updated Training page now, with short example videos to give you a flavour of what we do. If it looks...

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Free Self Protection Seminar 1 – 22nd Sept

Simple is best With Seminar 1 a week away, I thought I would share quickly how I view martial arts and how I teach it so you get a flavour of who I am and what to expect… I have always had a keen interest in martial arts. Way back when I was a kid, I would watch shows...

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MMA Fighter To Visit

Cover photo credit Mark Blundell For our existing members! On October 18th, to celebrate Bushin being 9 years old, we have special guest and pro MMA fighter Nathan Jones coming in to teach us a session in our London class. As Bushin members, you are invited to come...

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The Importance Of Contact

Very recently, after the sparring seminar, I had a discussion about why it is important to feel contact and pressure when we are practicing and thought I would share my thoughts By this I don't mean we deliberately try and take each other's head off every single...

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