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A simple, well rounded style that aims gives you the best fighting tools


Adaptive streetfighting

Learn it. Test it. Tweak it.


Bushin gives you a core set of tools with many uses. Learn simple techniques that can be applied everywhere



A certain technique doesn’t quite work against someone? No problem. Learn how to adapt and make it work. Then test it under pressure


Bushin’s senior team regularly attend seminars taught by the world’s best martial artists to evolve and improve our system

one tool, many uses

Bushin was built with this mantra in mind. Our system thrives on giving you a set of effective tools, taken from some of the most effective martial arts such as Muay Thai, Shorinji Kempo, BJJ, plus others. Then we teach you how to use these tools in many scenarios. We pressure test them with sparring every session so that when you need them, whatever the scenario, you can pull them out without thinking and make them work. Check out our original promo now!

Our Story

Bushin was created in 2009 by Sensei Cailey Barker, following 30 years of martial arts experience. He felt that many traditional styles have great discipline and structure but lacked practicality and the flexibility to adapt. Conversely, modern fighting styles lacked some of the tradition that made learning a martial art special.

Sensei Cailey’s approach was simple. Create the syllabus by drawing from his experience, pressure test it, and adapt it to improve. As a result, Bushin is continually getting better as a fighting system as we discover better and more effective methods and techniques.

No two scenarios are ever exactly the same. How you deal with them should be adaptable as well. To help you, Bushin will give you the tools so you can build your own fighting style, pressure test it by sparring to see if it works, and tweak it if it doesn’t. With us, you can truly build a style personalised to yourself.


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Our Team

Bushin Instructors are experienced and fully qualified to make sure you get high quality and motivational training in a safe and friendly environment. All instructors are DBS checked, first aid trained and insured under the Amateur Martial Association

Sensei Jason Man

Sensei Jason Man

Head Instructor


A hard working instructor who is constantly learning, Sensei Jason draws upon more than a decade of martial arts experience in his teaching.

One of the original students when Bushin launched in 2009, Jason is a Double Black Belt in the discipline. He has achieved this high level of proficiency with backgrounds in Shorinji Kempo, Combat Jujitsu, and Aikido, as well as significant experience in boxing, Muay Thai, weapons work, and groundwork.

Sensei Jason’s philosophy is strength through humility and he practices this belief by continuing to train regularly as a student. He attends seminars taught by martial artists of world renown, such as Bob Breen and Phil Norman, to ensure that he is always tuned in to the latest developments in cutting edge, effective combative techniques to incorporate into his training and teaching.

Sensei Cailey Barker

Sensei Cailey Barker

Chief Instructor & Founder


Sensei Ian Ferguson

Sensei Ian Ferguson

Instructor & Co Founder



Sensei Jason owes a lot of his martial arts knowledge to the founders of Bushin – Sensei Cailey Barker and Sensei Ian Ferguson. They have a combined 60+ years of experience, with a lineage tracing back to some of the most well known martial artists in the world, and hold multiple black belts in various disciplines including Shorinji Kempo, Wing Chun, JKD, Taekwondo with extensive experience in many others. Not content to rest on their laurels, both continue to train and learn to this day to improve Bushin.



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Central Park Leisure Centre
11.00AM – 12.30PM
Group Exercise Studio


Central Park Leisure Centre, Gooshays Drive, Harold Hill, Romford, RM3 9LB


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