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MMA, Self Defence, and Martial arts in Romford
Adults and kids (12+) are welcome

Wednesdays 7.30pm MyPlace, Harold Hill, Romford
Saturdays 11am Central Park Leisure Centre, Harold Hill, Romford

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MMA Mixed Martial Arts in Romford Essex

We teach a mixed martial art, blending elements of boxing, kick boxing, muay thai, wing chun, shorinji kempo, JKD, BJJ, and more
Learn our adaptive system to step up your fight game at our newest class teaching MMA mixed martial arts in Romford Essex
Martial Arts To Conquer The Street

Fight Hard

Bushin is an adaptive streetfighting based MMA mixed martial arts system that will teach you how to fight in any scenario. Designed to be simple to pick up, Bushin will turn you into a multi skilled fighter, capable of adapting to any circumstance. Build and train in your own fight style now!

Sweat Hard

Knowing the moves is useless if you don’t have the basic fitness to pull them off. Bushin will build on your fitness, strength, and flexibility so that when it is crunch time and you’re knackered, you have that extra gear to go into.

Whatever your fitness levels, Bushin will get a sweat on every single session.


It is important to us that you enjoy yourselves while you learn to fight. We encourage camaraderie and many of our existing members have become very close friends.

Come and check out the Bushin family now and book yourself a trial at our class teaching MMA mixed martial arts in Romford.

About Us

Learn more about our history and about our team. See what our team can bring to the table to turn you into becoming a streetfighter with your own fighting style at our new class teaching MMA mixed martial arts in Romford Essex

Training With Us

Here at Bushin, we have developed and refined our syllabus so it is easy to pick up and to understand. We are confident that we can improve your fight game with our tried and tested system. Check us out now! MMA Mixed Martial Arts in Romford

Latest News

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Seminar 2 Recap

Today was the knife seminar so time for quick recap! There is a bit more substance added here as it would just take too long to cover in class and we had a lot to get through already! Knife defence is a whole different kettle of fish compared to what we were doing in...

Seminar 1 Recap

Well done and good job on those who managed to attend our first seminar today! Hopefully you picked up some good theory on the how the UK legal system looks at self defence and a bit of how you position and prep yourself in an event where you might feel you need to...

The 3 “F”s

With the 1st Seminar fast approaching, now would be an excellent time to tease what we will be doing on Saturday morning. As ever, we always look to simplify and improve what we teach you to make it easier for you to understand and pick up. Therefore, we have...

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Our new class teaching MMA Mixed Martial Arts in Romford can be found at  MyPlace every Wednesday (7.30pm – 8.30pm) and Central Park Leisure Centre every Saturday (11am-12.30pm). However, if you still have some questions, check out our Join Us page for more details, a list of events, and more! Otherwise just get in touch! If you have seen enough and want that free trial, great! Just click on any “Book A Trial” link and we will see you soon!

Ground n Pound MMA Mixed Martial Arts Romford Essex
Knife Defence MMA Mixed Martial Arts Romford Essex
Multiple Attackers MMA Mixed Martial Arts Romford Essex


Bushin London

The club where it all began. Join Bushin Essex today and get Thursday training at Bushin London for free, including exclusive access to special seminars all taught by founder Cailey Barker.

Street Martial Arts

Bushin’s online course where you will learn martial arts from the ground up, step up your fight game, and find out how apply it all to the street. The course includes essential core fighting skills and simple but effective strategies for a street fight.

I Hit Hard

I Hit Hard is a high-quality platform that demands that women martial artists be heard, where their stories, experiences and battles are told and shared with dignity, justice and love. Check out their podcasts, interviews, and articles out now!


7.30PM - 8.30PM
Games Hall


MyPlace, 343 Dagnam Park Drive, Harold Hill, Romford, RM3 9EN


Central Park Leisure Centre
11.00AM - 12.30PM
Group Exercise Studio


Central Park Leisure Centre, Gooshays Drive, Harold Hill, Romford, RM3 9LB



07706 519317


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